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"Tansel is an outstanding personality. Working together with him has not only changed my life but most of all my mindset. It is amazing to see what the human brain is capable of – with Tansel I boosted my brain power and self-conscience. In summary: Tansel is the most lateral thinker I know. Thanks for sharing your knowledge! "
Markus Finke, Adobe


The Real Secret To Achieving Your Greatest Success

For you, life is more than just a typical journey. You want to go beyond mere average success. You desire something much greater in yourself, and what you can accomplish. But what holds you back from reaching your true potential is NOT the world or people around you. The truth is, it’s what’s inside you.

Most people never reach their true potential. They move through a life that’s sprinkled with failures, and even some great successes. Just like yourself, they’ve probably already made a big impact in the world, but they still feel (deep inside of themselves) that there’s much more to be accomplished. More dreams to be carved into their own waking reality. More goals to not only be achieved, but to be fully owned and dominated. More greatness to be put out into the world around them. 

You want the best, and expect the best out of your efforts, but tapping into your full potential is something that has probably eluded you now for years or even decades. 

That is, until now.

I’m here to tell you that your greatest success in life, business, sport or whatever you pursue is much closer than you may even realize. You have the potential within you right now to become your greatest success, you just lack one very vital and important tool. 

So, what’s the unique “tool” you need to maximize your success and true potential, and to dominate and stand out in a sea of competition?

It’s very simple: It’s harnessing the transformative power of your own memory and brainpower.

My name is Tansel Ali and I’m a 4-time Australian Memory Champion, bestselling author, speaker and celebrity memory coach. I’ve even been fortunate enough to be featured on various award-winning TV shows that includes: Redesign My Brain with Todd Sampson, Pimp My Brain with Ingolf Bauer in Germany, Channel 10 The Project, and Channel 7 Today Tonight amongst countless others.


"Tansel is a unique human being with great talents."
Dr Segu Zuhair, Senior Lecturer Victoria University


Over the past 16 years not only have I represented Australia in Memory Championships as an elite memory athlete, but I’ve also been coaching thousands of amazing clients from all walks of life. These are some of the “best of the best” in the fields of entertainment (including well-known celebrities), business and even pro sports. 

My #1 goal has always been to help these highly driven and motivated clients to reach peak performance with their own skillsets, knowledge, and of course, brainpower and memory. 

I’ve had massive success in helping these clients by coaching them on specific brain tricks, mind hacks and effective strategies in order to break through their own mental barriers (that have kept them from maximizing and reaching their true potential).

Extraordinary Memory + Brainpower = Reaching New Levels of Success

What is your greatest potential?

The truth is, what you envision in your mind is most likely selling yourself short. What may seem impossible right now may be more possible than you even realize. Belief is one thing, but having the right knowledge, skills and techniques, coupled with brainpower and mindset to help push you through to the next level of success is a completely different thing. 

If you think about success and making the leap to the next level, you know that it all starts within your own mind. When you’re able to use the power of your mind, and take proper action, everyday miracles can happen right before your eyes. 

Your own view of the world may change. What you deemed impossible last week may seem very possible for you tomorrow. Something may “shift” in the way you take in and recall information, which can help give you the competitive advantage you need in life to WIN. 


The Real Benefits of Improving Your Brain Power To Improve Your Life


When it comes to your own life, or the field you work in, there are probably moments every single day where if you had better memory, it would not only make your life easier, but more exceptional as well. This is true in your own personal life, as well as in your professional life. 

With that being said, you’re probably wondering what are the real benefits to improving your own memory and utilizing your untapped brain power?

Here’s just a small fraction of the ways improving your memory can also improve your own life (and success in whatever you do)…


When you can improve your memory and brain power, not only can it help you read and absorb information in a much quicker way, but you’ll also retain and enjoy it much more. Did you know that successful CEO’s read (on average) around 4-5 books a month? Imagine if you could double that just through techniques like speed reading alone, plus retain all that information much more clearly? Think about the competitive edge it would give you to not only get ahead in your career, but also help you rise above your competition. 

The same holds true with reading and being able to retain important information you see on the Internet, personal emails sent to you with critical information, PDF reports, and about a million other formats of information that you could retain. Now instead of forgetting what you read in a matter of minutes, you’ll not only save yourself a lot of hassle and stress by not having to look up the information again down the road (or remember where you kept it), but it’ll also save you a lot of wasted time as well. 


How often do you meet multiple people at a meeting or an important social event and just as they introduce who they are, you forget their name? It’s a lot more common than you think. When you can quickly remember people’s names it’ll not only make your life easier the next time you run into them (people loved being called by their first name) but what will really blow their mind is when you bring up something you remember about the first time you met them, including their name. Remembering people’s names makes them feel important and shows that you care. What a great way to build rapport and relationships through just this skill alone. A skill unfortunately not many people are able to do.

The other area that can vastly improve your own success in life and business is the ability to absorb and remember important dates and facts. These facts could relate to your own personal life, or important information that directly relates to your field of work. By having this “memory bank” at your disposal, you can easily access the important dates and facts you need with crystal clarity, and minimal effort. 


Don’t you hate it when you’re not fully prepared for that important meeting, or forget critical information that everyone else seems to remember without any issues? Don’t you also hate it when you find yourself in a potentially life-changing opportunity and if you’d simply remembered the right information, it could have propelled you forward into greater success? I’m sure you can think of several instances like this. 

Maybe you’d also like to be able to memorize moving quotes to mention in an important speech, remember lines for a new acting role, be prepared for a final exam, or simply want to absolutely crush it in an important job interview. You want to significantly boost your concentration and focus to be able to get things done. No matter the situation, improving your memory and brain power can help you stay prepared when opportunity knocks. 

Bottomline: When you can “hack” your brain and vastly improve your memory and recall, it’ll give you the powerful tool that can change everything in your personal and professional life from this point forward. Not only can I say this is true for myself, but the same can be said for my past clients and their own success…

Real Clients. Proven Success. 
Life-Changing Results…

"Thanks so much for our coaching session! I was able to learn all 36 songs in a week, around working full time. The gig last night was a success! Thank you for sharing your techniques, and also helping me regain my confidence with my memory... Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”, 
Amanda Canzurlo, Musician
"The one-on-one coaching sessions with Tansel have seriously been one of the best investments I have made for my personal and professional development. Tansel is very supportive in his teaching style and provided me with the tools and knowledge to realise the full potential of my mind. I feel a lot more confident in my role at work and feel like the sky’s the limit now with my personal and professional goals. It’s now up to me to practice what I have learnt with the assurance that Tansel is available for support even after the intensive 5 week course has been completed. Cheers Tansel – you rock!"
Liz O’Loughlin, City of Monash
"Tansel is a fantastic trainer and his ability to think outside the box and motivate you to doing things that were near impossible only minutes ago is incredible. I’ve used and received his training several times over our years of knowing each other and would regard him as a rare treasure that never fails to deliver results for your team or business!"
Mohamed Elmasri CEO, Entrepreneur
“It changed my life from almost nothing to a great memory man, now I can memorize anything whether it is a list of items, answers or formulas, even calendars :)"
Pravin Pandey, India 
"Tansel is a fantastic facilitator and memory coach. His close attention, personable style and adaptive approach makes him a very effective facilitator and coach "
Marwa Khalaf, Manager

Are You Ready To Become a Master of Your Mind and Learn From One of The World’s Best Memory Experts?


If you are, then I want you to be fully prepared for an experience that’ll have the power to change your entire life in more ways than one. 

But here is my one disclaimer…

If you simply want to learn a few memory techniques, then simply do a Google search or even watch some of my YouTube videos. I’ve put some great information out there for free. But the truth is, simply learning new memory techniques is not enough if you want to take your success to new heights, and in a shorter amount of time. 

This is where my exclusive 1-on-1 coaching comes in…

Why hire me when you think you can learn all of this yourself? I’ll give you three critical and important reasons for you to consider…


I can personally show and teach you not only the very best memory techniques I’ve used successfully to win competitions, but I can show you what NOT to do. This means I’ll show you tips, tricks and memory techniques that you may have never even heard or seen before, but also show you how to properly implement and use them (and avoid common mistakes).


Sure, you can try and learn on your own, and there’s no problem with doing that. But when you can have a world-class memory coach and expert like myself at your disposal, I’ll not only show you the right techniques, but you’ll get so much more. You’ll get SPEED. And speed will save you a lot of time, money and wasted efforts. Plus, it’ll put you on the “fast-track” to the success you deeply desire the very most. 


Have you ever learned a bad habit that took you months or even years to overcome? Trying to improve your brainpower and boost your memory can also fall into this same rut if you’re not careful. Bad habits can not only slow down your progress but keep you from reaching your goals. I can help change that. As a coach, I’ll not only give you the tools you need, but I’ll help you avoid the common pitfalls and bad habits that many fall into. With my guidance and support, you’ll get quicker results that last, as well as proper accountability. 

As with anything, practice makes perfect... 

But knowing HOW to practice and with the RIGHT techniques is key.

This is true for professional basketball players, the world’s greatest actors or actresses, or even some of the biggest titans in the business world.

When you work with me 1-on-1, you’ll be getting the effective combination of an expert coach who’s “walked the walk” so to speak, and someone who has the wisdom and experience to know how to hold you accountable and keep you on the right track. 

This is something you truly can’t do alone if you want to reach your greatest potential. 

The good news is, I have a proven track record of success. I can teach you, motivate you, open your eyes to the greatness of your own mind, and so much more. 

Just imagine being able to move through your own life and not only be able to not only absorb more information, but to remember it right away. This could be as simple as phone numbers, or even blocks of important information. 

Or, imagine being able to have laser-targeted focus and concentration in order to make your mental game as strong as ever, while your competition sits back in total awe of you and your abilities?

Being able to be a master of your own mind and memory is an amazing tool that you can possess. And it’s a tool that can help you take your own success and happiness to greater levels of success than you can even imagine not only now, but for the rest of your life. 

The most important question is: Are you willing to learn?

Just note that my coaching is highly limited and exclusive for many reasons. Due to my busy schedule speaking and travelling, I only take on clients who are serious about self-development and willing to invest their time, money and energy to make the most out of this.

I want you to be a Hell Yes before you make this commitment, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions you need answered. 

If You’re Ready To Boost Your Own Memory & Brain Power To Gain The Competitive Edge Over Your Life and Work, And Are Up For The Challenge, Then Click Below..


 "Being a comedian with a bad memory is not funny. The number of times I've stood onstage, mind totally blank, in a spotlight, in front of hundreds of people, sweating bullets, sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it. So when I got a script for an audition for a play, I thought to myself, "Crikey! I can't even remember things I write myself let alone things other people write." So I went to Tansel, the memory doctor for help. After only one session and a few days practise not only did I know my part, but I knew everyone else's in the play as well and did the audition from memory, with the utmost confidence, no script in hand, which gives you more freedom to act and shows the auditioners that you've put in some work and that you're serious. I'm using these techniques in my comedy and they work a treat. Tansel has probably added a few years to my life, stopped a few grey hairs and saved me from a few deaths on stage by taking away that stress of not knowing what's coming up next. Thanks, my man, you're a magician…what's your name again?"
Hung Le, Comedian
"Tansel's impact as a teacher is remarkable. I have seen his clients grow rapidly in their capacity to remember. He is a master of memory but also of sharing how anyone can do it."
Mark Dobson, Performance Coach

"Tansel has been my memory coach. He helped me a lot to improve my memory, learn new techniques and apply them to my personal and professional life."
Tarek Fahmy, Strategy Designer