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How To Learn Almost Anything In 48 Hours

Shortcuts and Brain Hacks For Learning New Skills Fast

Four-time Australian Memory Champion Tansel Ali reveals the secret to learning new skills fast--easy-to-learn memory strategies, including mind mapping, visualization techniques, and mnemonic devices. If you'd like to study for exams efficiently, speak a foreign language, memorize a speech, learn to play a new musical instrument, or improve your general knowledge, memory-training expert Tansel shows you how to do it quickly and effectively with the aid of a few memory tricks. Packed with practical exercises for honing memory and training your brain to learn well and learn fast, this is the ultimate book for sharpening your mind and expand your knowledge.

Nolan Bushnell Foreword Tansel Ali Book How To Learn Almost Anything In 48 Hours

“..The Future Of Learning Is Here!”
- Nolan Bushnell, Founder Atari

The Yellow Elephant

Improve Your Memory and Learn More, Faster, Better

This book is a guide to improving your memory more effectively and shows how four simple but powerful memory techniques can be learnt to train your brain for better recall and applied for success in education and study, business, performance and the arts and general brain health.

A strong memory is a great asset in many facets of daily life, from simply remembering your shopping list and people's names, to cramming for exams, actors learning lines, musicians knowing their music, to business marketers making sure their message is remembered effectively. Or importantly, for all of us to exercise our brain and keep our mind fit. You do not need to be stuck with a bad memory, your memory can be improved by learning some simple techniques and applying them.

In The Yellow Elephant, four-time Australian Memory Champion, Tansel Ali, shows you the steps that made his very ordinary memory into a champion memory. The easy to follow plan explains how the brain remembers and therefore how to trigger it effectively. Practical exercises demonstrate how the techniques work and build your memory skills quickly. A sharper memory using Tansel's techniques will enable you to learn faster, speed read and remember more, reduce stress, save time, manageinformation overload, increase concentration and focus.