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Why is it so difficult to remember a name?
I go through the main reasons why and how you can remember a name every time.

How to fix your speed reading.
For those that have gone through any training in speed reading will know there are challenges involved to increase comprehension. Learn how you can fix these challenges once and for all.

The benefits of training your memory.
Improving your memory has many benefits. But did you know you can increase concentration and focus, manage time better, and even reduce stress using memory techniques?

How do you want to improve your memory?
What would you like to see me create content on? Your feedback and comments are much appreciated.

How to boost your listening skills.
One of my biggest weaknesses was remembering what I had just heard. Here I discuss techniques to greatly enhance listening skills.

3 reading tips for leaders.
A lot people don’t know what’s involved in the brain process for reading. Attaining knowledge is not the goal. Taking action on the knowledge is. So how do we best acquire this knowledge in the fastest way?

The benefits of mentorship.
How does mentorship help individuals to grow faster? I talk about the 18-month Tansel Institute mentorship program and how it develops individuals to have an impact not only on themselves, but for society.

How to speed read. How speed reading works.
Reading was difficult for me. I would read a few pages and immediately forget what I had read. Here I show you the best way to improve your reading with speed reading techniques.

Acting 4 camera with Paul Barry.
Here I talk with Paul Barry who’s an acting coach teaching memory skills in Los Angeles. We had a great chat on memory, learning , and how we help people.