Benefiting the wider community

I’m grateful to be involved in a number of projects that help have a positive impact in wider society. Working with others to achieve something for a greater good is a passion of mine. Below are some of the events I’ve recently initiated and been involved with.


As a licensee and curator of TEDxDocklands, I provide attendees the opportunity to learn from people who have real positive life stories to share. We may often listen to a talk but not make much from it or not take action which we know will benefit us. By organising TEDxDocklands, I give the chance for those to make the most out of these exceptional individuals presentations and build on that knowledge. I also coach TEDx speakers to remember their content! Further details on

Watch my mentee Kathy Lang deliver her TEDx talk on Memory Education below.

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Australian Memory Championships

Everyone should learn memory techniques. It should be taught in schools, companies, and everywhere else as its benefits are life changing and more importantly, anyone can do it. The Australian Memory Championships provide a platform for building exposure for memory training in a gamified way. The competition itself has recently gone through many changes and has become a world-wide phenomenon.

With the advent of Memory League competitions, memory sports can now be truly called spectator sports. As a board member of the International Association of Memory (IAM) representing Australia, along with my fellow board member and memory champion Anastasia Woolmer, we will be bringing Memory League to Australia and invite those interested to be a part of something truly exciting and revolutionary in Australia, and indeed the world. If you would like to be a sponsor or take part, let me know.


Where Neurons Connect Conference

My team at Tansel Institute collaborated with Design Think Lab creating an event for the mind for 200 attendees. The aim of the event was to engage like-minded individuals with knowledge, skills and resources about the brain and how to make the most of it. With keynote presentations and individual workshops running concurrently, this two and half hour event was the perfect Friday afternoon networking and mental pick me up. You can check out our short video of the event below.

School Mind Games

This project mainly came about mainly from frustration. There were many people like myself going into schools and running student and teacher workshops, giving amazing valuable learnings to be taken away and utilised in classrooms. However, these skills weren’t somehow being implemented. This was not just a matter of implementation, it was change management. So I set out to do something different.

Instead of having student sit exams, I created the world’s first school mind games. This event occurred at the end of the year and students had roughly a year to prepare for it. I invited three schools to take part which included running sessions on memory training, speed reading and mind mapping.

When the time came for the event, these year 9 students speed read and entire 200 page book in 10 minutes, mapped out the whole book chapter by chapter, recalling the entire book. They then presented the whole book in front of judges off heart, something they were terrified of before they had even commenced learning these skills. The last event was memorising an entire 11-minute TEDx talk, which students successfully achieved.

The event showed everyone that even students who don’t have big academic ability can level the playing field with those that do have it. These students not only improved their learning capability, but have skills and knowledge that will put them in good stead for the rest of their life! Contact me if you would like your school to be a part of the next school mind games.


Let’s Collaborate

If you’ve gone through my site, you may get a sense I love helping people. I’m not just a ‘memory guy’. I use all my knowledge, skills and resources to have an impact in society. I know I’m not the only one out there though and I enjoy meeting others and like-minded individuals to create and share something amazing to the world. If you have an idea you would like to collaborate on then let’s have a chat. Let’s get creative. We may just end up changing people’s lives for the better together!