Do you have awesome ideas? How often are those ideas translated to real world outcomes? If they aren’t, then you may have a problem.

We all possess unique abilities to create. Whether it is solving problems and deriving new solutions, to new tech gadgets and apps that enable people to drive into a pole when chasing a Pokemon. The human brain is undoubtedly amazing in its potential. However, with all that ability, people are often not able to act upon their ideas. This inability can be caused by a number of factors. Ultimately it’s the inability of taking action to make those ideas come true. Success, therefore comes from the speed of execution of ideas, not the actual idea itself. Many people have ideas. It is those that take action and execute first that are the ones that succeed.

So, are there any ideas that you want to act on right at the moment but don’t know how?

Ask yourself - what is one small thing you can do to get this idea off the ground at the very least? Are there people you know? Resources and knowledge you can access? Other’s who have been through similar experiences? The answers are all there. It is up to you on how quick you act and execute that will determine your success.