We have all the information and resources we need to be at our best. Knowledge is everywhere. In books, people, Internet, etc etc. But there is one inhibitor. Something that stops us from getting to where we want. Something that if we gain control, we can take on the world and become whoever we want. So what is this inhibitor? It is people themselves. Some call it laziness. Others procrastination. While there’s also the “I’m too busy” syndrome. Whatever a person inflicts on themselves, it prevents them from achieving what they want.

3 questions to get anyone motivated

1. What are your goals?

Yes we’ve heard all this before. But really, listing down your goals and what you actually want in life can be quite an eye opening experience. You may have the goals in your head, but writing them down will bring the conscious element in, and your brain will love you for it. The trick is not to leave it somewhere where you can’t see or find it. Make a list and keep it on the fridge, or desk, or somewhere else that you can constantly see it. The more your goals are in front of your mind, the more you will make progress towards it.

2. How would it make you feel?

Close your eyes now and visualize how it would feel to achieve your goals? How would you describe it? The feeling part is the most important part working towards your goal. It is the emotional connection which drives you. If you don’t have an emotional connection to a goal, then all you’re looking at is a set of tasks and to-do lists. Adding feeling gives you an added dimension and puts you in a mental state of accomplishment even before you accomplish anything. An example would be if someone wanted to lose weight as a goal. Then losing weight wouldn’t be a great emotional trigger. However, if that person is able to visualize how they would look and physically feel having lost weight, in their favourite clothes strutting around, then this visual experience would motivate them. So every time they think of the word weight or weight loss, the visual of them feeling amazing will be front of mind.

3. What can you do NOW to begin?

Not tomorrow. Not next week. Now! It could be as simple as picking up the phone and calling someone. Or speaking to that someone who you’ve been planning to contact. The whole idea is to get you into action so that you are one step closer to your goal. One of the most difficult things is to actually start. Use your feelings attached to your goal to give you a kick up the butt. Once you get into it, you may find things are a little easier. You will be pumped.

The world is out there waiting for you. Go out there, go hard and have fun! The more you progress, the closer your goal is. In the words of Rumi – “What you seek is seeking you.”