Aside from being able to recall things a lot better such as names, numbers, information, facts/data, and the like, improving memory has a lot of higher level benefits not many know about. These are things such as reducing stress and anxiety, better time management and productivity, advanced learning, studying and retention, speed reading, enhanced mental performance, mindfulness and meditation, health and wellness, self-discipline, boosting confidence and self-esteem, building better relationships, and much much more. Check out the video below to learn more about the benefits of training your memory.


Tansel has been working with individuals and improving their memory and ultimately their lives for over 15 years. He not only talks the talk, but walks the walk, having won 4 national memory championships, memorised 2 phone books in 24 days, written 3 international bestselling books in 10 days, coached celebrities on award-winning documentaries,  whilst helping thousands of others around the world in the process. He is regularly featured on TV as Australia's celebrity memory expert. If you ever want to learn memory improvement, look no further than Tansel Ali. 


Yes, you can definitely improve your memory. Memory is like a muscle. It has to be trained in order to have a huge affect and impact in your life. Fortunately, training your memory in this day and age has never been easier. There are so many resources, exercises, systems, experts, and tools to keep you on top of your memory game.


Improving memory is actually fairly simple. In order to do so you will need to learn memory techniques, memory principles, and practice exercises to help you train that mental muscle of yours. 

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If selected, you will have a life-changing opportunity working with Tansel to achieve your goals. Emphasis and groundwork starts from everything you would like to achieve and how you would love your life to be. From those goals, Tansel creates a personalised program with all the skills, techniques, strategies, exercises and commitment you will need to make it all a reality. You will have access to Tansel on a personal level and be able to ask questions and obtain resources as you seek. Coaching sessions can be either in-person, Skype or phone. In between sessions you will practice the exercises given and work towards your goals as outlined in the initial session. 


If you want to improve any area of your life you want to see the result of your efforts. Working with Tansel allows you to train at a level that will give you the results and manage your performance so that you're always getting results and that you're constantly improving.

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"The one-on-one coaching sessions with Tansel have seriously been one of the best investments I have made for my personal and professional development. Tansel is very supportive in his teaching style and provided me with the tools and knowledge to realise the full potential of my mind. I feel a lot more confident in my role at work and feel like the sky’s the limit now with my personal and professional goals. It’s now up to me to practice what I have learnt with the assurance that Tansel is available for support even after the intensive 5 week course has been completed. Cheers Tansel – you rock!" Liz O'Loughlin, City of Monash



"Thanks so much for our coaching session! I was able to learn all 36 songs in a week, around working full time. The gig last night was a success! Thank you for sharing your techniques, and also helping me regain my confidence with my memory... Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” Amanda Canzurlo, Musician



"Tansel is an outstanding personality. Working together with him has not only changed my life but most of all my mindset. It is amazing to see what the human brain is capable of – with Tansel I boosted my brain power and self-conscience. In summary: Tansel is the most lateral thinker I know. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!" Markus Finke, Adobe



"Tansel is a fantastic trainer and his ability to think outside the box and motivate you to doing things that were near impossible only minutes ago is incredible. I’ve used and received his training several times over our years of knowing each other and would regard him as a rare treasure that never fails to deliver results for your team or business!" Mohamed Elmasri CEO, Entrepreneur



"Tansel is a fantastic facilitator and memory coach. His close attention, personable style and adaptive approach makes him a very effective facilitator and coach " Marwa Khalaf Manager



“It changed my life from almost nothing to a great memory man, now I can memorize anything whether it is a list of items, answers or formulas, even calendars :)" Pravin Pandey, India



"I love trying new things in life and testing myself. After hearing Tansel on ABC Radio earlier in the year, I knew that I had to meet him and try memory training first hand. In less then a month, I found myself remembering things I would originally forget. The speed reading in particular has been a terrific skill that I have acquired and will always use. To show that the training does work, I have been able to memorise 30 cards in a row without fail – going for 52!
Lucas Couper, Business Owner



"I've engaged Tansel's services for the last few years and what I find incredible about him is, regardless of whatever project I'm working on, he has such amazing lateral thinking and always provides advice, fresh ideas and perspectives along with practical skills on how to deliver a better service." 
Mo Elleisy, Customer Experience Manager



"Tansel's impact as a teacher is remarkable. I have seen his clients grow rapidly in their capacity to remember. He is a master of memory but also of sharing how anyone can do it." Mark Dobson, Performance Coach



"Tansel has been my memory coach. He helped me a lot to improve my memory, learn new techniques and apply them to my personal and professional life."
Tarek Fahmy, Strategy Designer



"Being a comedian with a bad memory is not funny. The number of times I've stood onstage, mind totally blank, in a spotlight, in front of hundreds of people, sweating bullets, sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it. So when I got a script for an audition for a play, I thought to myself, "Crikey! I can't even remember things I write myself let alone things other people write." So I went to Tansel, the memory doctor for help. After only one session and a few days practise not only did I know my part, but I knew everyone else's in the play as well and did the audition from memory, with the utmost confidence, no script in hand, which gives you more freedom to act and shows the auditioners that you've put in some work and that you're serious. I'm using these techniques in my comedy and they work a treat. Tansel has probably added a few years to my life, stopped a few grey hairs and saved me from a few deaths on stage by taking away that stress of not knowing what's coming up next. Thanks, my man, you're a magician…what's your name again?"  Hung Le, Comedian




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