Watch Tansel coach celebrity TV personality Todd Sampson on Redesign My Brain.

Exclusive One-on-One Memory Coaching

For over fifteen years Tansel has been coaching individuals to significantly improve their memory. Over the years he has worked with high performance athletes, academy award winning actors, top CEOs and business executives, musicians, comedians, creatives, and those passionate to continually improve themselves and get better. His coaching feats have been featured on the TV show, 'Redesign My Brain', where he coached TV celebrity Todd Sampson to successfully memorise a deck of randomly shuffled cards at the World Memory Championships in London.

Watch the short videos below to see Nick Bracks and AFL premiership player Heritier Lumumba talk about how memory coaching is helping them with acting, mental health, and overall mindfulness and wellbeing.


Why Memory Coaching?

Most people think memory is all about remembering things. However, if we delve deeper we start to realise and unlock the amazing potential of what our minds can achieve. If you can read four-times faster with greater comprehension, and be able to retain that information, how would that make you feel? What would you accomplish? If you could remember people's names effortlessly, what would that do to your confidence? Your relationships? How about be able to learn a language in months? Not years, but months.

Yes that's right, it is all possible and achievable with the correct techniques and strategies. Unfortunately, we are not taught these skills at school and only know what isn't effective. We then assume we are no good and naturally have a bad memory. This is not the case and you can change it very quickly and achieve the results and goals you're after with exclusive 1-to-1 memory coaching with Tansel.


Coaching Programs

There are three coaching programs currently available. The first program is a quick memory intensive where you learn everything you need to learn about memory techniques in a matter of 4 x 1-hour sessions, and then you're left to practice and make improvements on your learnings yourself. The second program is the same, however it is 8 x 1-hour sessions.

The third program is a more assisted approach where Tansel shows you the techniques, you practice them, and then Tansel analyses and makes adjustments for you so that you're working more efficient and effective. You're then set various exercises to get faster and better. The aim is to help you condition your brain so that once it reaches a certain point, you're able to apply memory to anything you want to learn and remember. It is an extensive program with 2 x 1-hour sessions per month for four months with various exercises, guidance, mentoring, ongoing support and training in-between the actual coaching sessions.


Coaching Options

Same as in-person coaching but online via Skype in the comfort of your own home or office. Book your sessions exclusively via Tansel's online booking calendar wherever you are in the world.

Exclusive 1 on 1 coaching with Tansel Ali in Melbourne to learn memory techniques, skill development, knowledge acquisition, and practice learned skills to ensure you achieve your goals.


Some coaching success stories...

"Thanks so much for our coaching session! I was able to learn all 36 songs in a week, around working full time. The gig last night was a success! Thank you for sharing your techniques, and also helping me regain my confidence with my memory... Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"
Amanda Canzurlo, Musician

"Tansel has been my memory coach. He helped me a lot to improve my memory, learn new techniques and apply them to my personal and professional life."
Tarek Fahmy, Strategy Designer

"Tansel is a fantastic trainer and his ability to think outside the box and motivate you to doing things that were near impossible only minutes ago is incredible. I’ve used and received his training several times over our years of knowing each other and would regard him as a rare treasure that never fails to deliver results for your team or business! "
Mohamed Elmasri CEO, Entrepreneur

"Tansel is a fantastic facilitator and memory coach. His close attention, personable style and adaptive approach makes him a very effective facilitator and coach "
Marwa Khalaf, Manager

"Tansel Ali provided an enlightening experience which provided an incredible impact to our members to improve our mindsets in delivering results and connecting with people. His coaching services are now a fundamental aspect of our club commitment to growth and excellence. Our audience was amazed as to Tansel's ability to remember all our names in the room and the recalling of figures."
Stephen Rando, ANZ Toastmasters President

"Tansel is an outstanding personality. Working together with him has not only changed my life but most of all my mindset. It is amazing to see what the human brain is capable of – with Tansel I boosted my brain power and self-conscience. In summary: Tansel is the most lateral thinker I know. Thanks for sharing your knowledge! "
Markus Finke, Adobe

"I've engaged Tansel's services for the last few years and what I find incredible about him is, regardless of whatever project I'm working on, he has such amazing lateral thinking and always provides advice, fresh ideas and perspectives along with practical skills on how to deliver a better service."
Mo Elleisy, Customer Experience Manager

"I found that the Speed Reading course has helped me improve my reading speed & understanding of technical material that I am exposed to day to day.”
Naci Basak, IT Specialist

"The one-on-one coaching sessions with Tansel have seriously been one of the best investments I have made for my personal and professional development. Tansel is very supportive in his teaching style and provided me with the tools and knowledge to realise the full potential of my mind. I feel a lot more confident in my role at work and feel like the sky’s the limit now with my personal and professional goals. It’s now up to me to practice what I have learnt with the assurance that Tansel is available for support even after the intensive 5 week course has been completed. Cheers Tansel – you rock!"
Liz O'Loughlin, City of Monash

“It changed my life from almost nothing to a great memory man, now I can memorize anything whether it is a list of items, answers or formulas, even calendars :)"
Pravin Pandey, India

"Tansel's impact as a teacher is remarkable. I have seen his clients grow rapidly in their capacity to remember. He is a master of memory but also of sharing how anyone can do it."
Mark Dobson, Performance Coach

"Being a comedian with a bad memory is not funny. The number of times I've stood onstage, mind totally blank, in a spotlight, in front of hundreds of people, sweating bullets, sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it. So when I got a script for an audition for a play, I thought to myself, "Crikey! I can't even remember things I write myself let alone things other people write." So I went to Tansel, the memory doctor for help. After only one session and a few days practise not only did I know my part, but I knew everyone else's in the play as well and did the audition from memory, with the utmost confidence, no script in hand, which gives you more freedom to act and shows the auditioners that you've put in some work and that you're serious. I'm using these techniques in my comedy and they work a treat. Tansel has probably added a few years to my life, stopped a few grey hairs and saved me from a few deaths on stage by taking away that stress of not knowing what's coming up next. Thanks, my man, you're a magician…what's your name again?"
Hung Le, Comedian


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